5 Must-Visit Places For Summer Fun In Westport


The summer months are fast approaching and the wonderful shoreline community of Westport, CT has a lot to offer residents.  We’ve stopped at these five pieces of Westport, CT real estate to investigate all the fun that can be had throughout the summer months.

We’ve covered all the bases here, so you can have a relaxing afternoon of sunning and cocktails or an active afternoon.  

1. Sherwood Island State Park:  This jewel of the Connecticut coastline is not only a site to behold, but an active park and beach for swimmers and frisbee tossers alike.  Residents and visitors flock to this park where you will find both the expansive beaches and grassy fields filled in the summer months.

2. Compo Beach: Pickleball Courts: This latest sports craze has swept into Westport with a head of steam that is unrivaled by many other sports.  Pickleball is the favorite of young and old active residents. At Compo Beach there are two courts that residents can use to play this burgeoning sport.

3. Westport Community Garden: If you’re in the mood for something a little more relaxing, try the Westport Community Garden.  This wonderful community resource is home to gardeners of all ages. Whether you want to garden here or just take a stroll through to see the wonderful plantings, this is a must-visit summer destination.

4. The Wakeman Town Farm Sustainability Center:  This is one of the more unique stops on our summer adventure, but it is a wonderful destination, open to the public.  Here you can learn about sustainability in food, responsible land stewardship and so much more.

5. Levitt Pavilion for the Performing Arts: This outdoor performance space hosts concerts by musicians of all stripes all summer long.  This is one of the more unique spots to see music performed as it sits right on the river and the views are almost as spectacular as the music.

The options for summer fun in Westport are endless, so we’ve only just hit the tip of the iceberg.  You’re in for a treat whatever you do in this fine town.


Photo credit: Leavitt Foundation.